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Knowing what is attachment parenting and five basic principles of attachment parenting

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Finding the parenting style is not easy. Some parents are more likely to treat children as an adult. However, some of them create other parenting models. It helps to maintain a healthy relationship. There are many different parenting styles, how do you know that works on you? Sometimes, you need trial and error to get the answer.

One of the parenting models is nurturing connection or attachment parenting. This style is viewed as ideal to raise children because it is secure and independent. Then, the children have empathy for their environment. Super parents will use the parenting style based on the family’s beliefs. So, what is attachment parenting?

Definition attachment parenting

Even though attachment parenting is a popular style of parenting. But, some people do not know what is attachment parenting?

Attachment parenting refers to modern parenting based on the theory of attachment. It was created by two child psychologists. This theory is about the concept of connection and responsiveness that parents do, giving impact on the emotional health and relationship of the baby. It is supported by Paediatrician William Sears, MD. He said that the trusting attachment among parents and children will form the basis of secure relationships and independence when they grow up as adults. Knowing what is attachment parenting and five basic principles of attachment parenting

The application of attachment parenting will foster both child and parents to be confident. It happens because parents learn to identify and respond to what the baby feels or signals.

Each country has a different culture. It can affect parenting style as an Indian. You can find more information about Indiana parenting time guideline.

Six basic principles of attachment parenting 

After knowing what is attachment parenting? You need to know the principle of attachment parenting. It applies the five basic principles. In addition, attachment parenting international (API) is an association of worldwide education for this parenting model. They describe one by one of the principles. So, parents have interpreted and put six principles in parenting action. The five principles are:

  1. Preparing the pregnancy, birth and parenting 

People who use attachment parenting believe that the style is important to negative thought relied upon pregnancy. Thus, attachment parenting is the initial bonding between parents and baby. An approach in attachment parenting is like skin-to-skin contact.

by using attachment parenting, it is also about breastfeeding. Baby needs nutrition. When mommy breastfeeding can be effective emotionally and physically. That’s why mom must feed with respect and love. It is a way to create a secure attachment.

  1. Needing the nurturing touch

The second principle is nurturing touch. The attachment parenting experts are giving the advice that always skin-to-skin touching such as join when taking bath or babywearing.

  1. Responding with sensitivity 

With the attachment parenting style, parents will be catching the emotion as tantrums as communication. So, you need to accept and understand it rather than be dismissed or punished.

  1. Following the nighttime parenting 

The basic principle of attachment parenting is how the parent can be engaging in nighttime parenting. You can sleep together or share the room with the baby.

  1. Giving positive vibes

Parents are asked to redirect and guide the children in making positive habits. Attachment parenting has aimed to understand the children’s negative habits as to communicate with parents.

Parents should find the solution with children rather than be judgmental or spank on children. Parents are people who always support their children, and give a healthy lifestyle.

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