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5 Primary Points as Bases to Arrange Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines

by Child Care

What are Indiana parenting time guidelines? Separation or divorce must be one of the most bitter moments for everyone. Even if the divorce is the best path for all parties involved, it may not have been expected before. Yes, when 2 people decide to have a serious relationship or get married, they may wish to live happily ever after.

The issues around differences that cannot be unified anymore become the most common cause of divorce or separation. While, for both parties, divorce would be the most reasonable even might be the best solution, another issue exists if the couple already have children. Sure, although the ability of children to face this fact may be different from one to another it must not be an easy thing for them to handle. Therefore, a special parenting style is needed and the Indiana parenting is one example to choose.

The time guidelines of Indiana’s parenting style are quite flexible based on the needs of children and parents. But it doesn’t mean that this parenting method is a kind of too permissive parenting style. There are still some rules to obey by parents to successfully nurture their children when separation can’t be avoided. These are the child’s basic needs to consider to produce an effective Indiana parenting schedule.

Free to Choose the Custody

Custody is a legal matter related to who to guard and take care of children particularly when a couple is separated. In some cases, there are conflicts around the process as both parents think that they have more rights to let children be on their sides. When processing the custody, the final decision made must be based on the law regulation and the most important consideration is the child/children welfare. A parent can lose their rights to take care of the children if there is proof that the children may be at risk when they are with him or her.Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines

How can they be at risk? Diana Baumrind parenting styles stated that children should not live with parents with such condition: alcohol or drugs addiction, or parents with a tendency to domestic violence. But more importantly, custody is all about the child’s rights. So, his or her voice is essential to determine the result. Even if infants and young kids are commonly going to their moms after the separation, the custody decision would be different if the mom is proven not to be responsible.

In conclusion, children must feel free to choose with whom they want to live without any coercion from anyone. While being in one parent’s custody, children also basically can meet or visit another one anytime they want. Of course, a schedule must be made to make it fair.

It is Not The Child’s Fault

Many adults may not realize or understand it, but yes, some children with broken home families think that their faults are the reason behind the separation. Children with such thought tend to blame themselves for all the things that happen. If they continue like that, it can give many bad impacts on their psychological condition. Parents must handle the situation as soon as possible.

Some approaches can be conducted following this situation. You can try a type of parenting namely attachment parenting. What is attachment parenting? Attachment parenting is a kind of parenting that focuses on building a strong relationship between parents and kids. So, the bonds must be strengthened first whether with a father or mother even if the parents have lived apart.

Attachment parenting is different from permissive parenting. Well, examples of permissive parenting are when parents allow children to do anything they want without any prohibition and insight on whether their actions are right or wrong. Although permissive parenting is considered strengthening the bond, in fact, the result is the opposite. Children tend to be spoiled and cannot accept they make mistakes. Yes, telling the children that the separation is not their fault doesn’t mean permitting all actions they want to do.

Independent Parenting

When you are looking for what does the bible say about parenting, it seldom mentions about independent parenting. Independent parenting means each parent has his and her own rights to take care of their children in turns. Parents can discuss when they can be together with their children and the result becomes the main references of Indiana parenting time guidelines.

Although it sounds easy, many problems often start at this point. So, it is very important to conduct a discussion first between both parties with a counselor as the mediator. There are some points to pay attention to in independent parenting. First, parents need to have the same vision and purpose of parenting. If finding the same visions are different, find a way to unify them without confusing children.

Second, involving children in the discussion is a must. Meaning that both parties must hear their thoughts and opinions. What children say also become the basis of independent parenting as well as the time guideline to make. Lastly, after the agreement made, make sure to always follow and not violate it unless there is another agreement with the ex and children.

Consistent Parenting

Having rights for independent parenting doesn’t mean that parents can nurture and take care of the kids as they want. As has been mentioned above, both mom and dad must have the same vision and mission to prevent children from feeling confused. There is a simple example of that. If the dad asks the child to do his or her homework just before playing, the mom should have the same rule. Whether mom or dad should not bring such a looseness just to make the child “love” him or her more.

Sure, to achieve the same vision and mission, parents have willing to discuss them. More importantly, once the rules made, all the parties involved must be consistent. Some exceptions are possible, but they should be based on certain conditions. Consistent parenting doesn’t only let children have more peace of mind. It also prevents them from taking a side between his or her mom and dad.

Set Children Free from Conflicts 

The next thing the children with separated parents need is being free from conflicts. Yes, children can involve when parents make agreements but it doesn’t mean that they can involve in the conflict too. Focusing on children’s mental health, the parenting must also focus on their psychological development. The parenting styles psychology definition is a type of parenting in which children psychology or mental health becomes the primary base. The main purpose is to make children feel happy following their parent’s situation.5 Primary Points as Bases to Arrange Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines

By applying the parenting method, children may heal their broken-down mental condition due to separation of their parents. As they grow up to become an adult, what they experience from their parents’ conditions would be a good life lesson.

Feel Free to Meet Siblings and Other Family Members

In some cases, divorced parents also “divide” their kids. If they have 2 kids, so the older one can go for his or her father while the younger one lives with the mother. Of course, there is nothing wrong with such a custody arrangement.

However, it doesn’t mean that the siblings must live separately just like their parents. Kids can meet, visit, and play around with their brothers or sisters anytime they want. Even if there is a schedule to meet parents fairly, it doesn’t mean that meeting siblings must be scheduled as well.

The same thing is when they want to meet other family moments such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, cousins, and more. There is no limit to doing that. Sure, there is must also discussions following this activity. Undeniably, some family members play roles in the separation. If there is one of them that is considered toxic to the children, it is okay to stop children from visiting him or her.

Let Children Live in Peace

There are many reasons behind separation and divorce. Some couples may just have different life principles and the love that has been gone. But the separation can be caused by something worse such as affairs and domestic violence. No matter how hurting and hateful the drama is, parents have a task related to their children. Don’t show that sadness and hatred in front of them.

There are many funny quotes about parenting. One of them is “there is no perfect parent, so, just be yourself”. That’s true for sure. But it doesn’t mean showing hatred from one to another. One day when the kids have grown adults, you can explain the situations from an adult perspective. This way, children are let live in peace physically and mentally.

Having Good Relationships with Step-Family

Seeing parents separate must be very hurtful for children. In many cases, children find it hard to see their parents have other relationships too soon. So, for the mom or dad who want to build a relationship someone one, make sure that the partner and the kids can accept each other. If it is still hard for the kids to accept him or her, give them some more time to come around.

The problem may get bigger if the new partner also has a son or a daughter. There are possibilities of further competitions between them. Moreover, if the children have opposite characteristics. So, before the relationship gets more serious, mom or dad must discuss this matter, not only with the new partner but also with the ex. Besides that, give more explanations to the children about the new partner and the possibility of all of you will be a family in the future.

Something to remember is parents can’t force the kids to be closer with the stepmom or stepdad as well as step-siblings. Having the kids accept their existence is more than enough. Sure, if the kids still won’t accept the step-parent, it doesn’t always mean you can just end the relationship. Maybe, what they need only more to accept, not only the new parent’s partner but also the entire situation. Therefore, the recommendation is for step-parents to also join parenting classes near me.

Parents are still parents

Let’s say that children have accepted the presence of new partners of their parents. It doesn’t mean that the effort can just stop here. There are still chances of conflicts happening in the future. Parents still need to do an effort to be an ideal means to bridge the relationship between children and new partners. At least, if there is a different opinion, it will not get worse.

Step-parents must also not intervene in the relationship between children and their real parents. This is probably a quite difficult situation as a spouse with kids from previous relationships may still need to communicate with his or her ex related to the growth and development of the kids.

Yes, it is because parents are still parents no matter how the situation is. If it is possible, all the parents and step-parents can meet and discuss the kids together. Still, step-parents must know their portions so that they don’t get too involved, mainly for every decision made about the children. You can learn about this matter more in many parenting quotes for hard times.

Financial Supports

As long as the children not reaching legal adult age yet and can legally be independent, it means they will need enough financial support. Financial support includes many things such as pocket money, money for daily needs, education or tuition, health expenses, and many more.

Sure, there are many conditions causing the parents unable to provide for their children financially. The most possible thing is when one of the parents is unemployed. As information, the economic condition becomes one of the main reasons for the divorce anyway.

The solution is still, the parents must be responsible financially, no matter how small the amount they can give to their children. Often, it is not about how much it is, but how you still care for them is what makes children feel loved. This small thing also helps them to manage their own condition after the parents’ divorce. Sure, it is very important also in arranging Indiana parenting time guidelines.


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