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Diana Baumrind Parenting Styles You Need to Know

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Diana Baumrind parenting styles is one of the most well-known parenting styles that you can learn about. Especially when for most people parenting is one of the toughest jobs out there. Parenting needs so many decisions making, so many opinions to deal with, so many options to choose to handle things, and not to mention how are you supposed to know what is wrong and what is right for your kids?

And then dealing with every consequence of your parenting choice can affect your kids, and don’t forget about the pressure of it as well. Well, this kind of issue is not only confusing for parents, but also for experts in parenting style, they for a very long time have been dealing with this confusing and critical topic as well.

Diana Baumrind’s Parenting Styles

Who is Diana Baumrind exactly? If you don’t know, she is a developmental psychologist who is among the first ones to lay out several kinds of parenting styles in the 1960s. She developed that kind of research during her study at the University of California, Berkeley.

She did a series of researches that looked at people’s approach to parenting based on the demands that they put upon their kids and their responsiveness to their kids’ needs. And later on, she will be classified as the three primary styles, a forth parenting style will later on added by two other parenting style’s researchers.

Types of Parenting Style According to Diana Baumrind

Authoritarian parenting style

The first type of parenting style promoted by Diana Baumrind is authoritarian parenting style. This kind of parenting style is a strict and stiff style in which parents often set such rigid rules and high expectations for their kids. However, the parents won’t allow the kids to make decisions on their own. When they break the rules, then they will face a punishment which is severe and swift.Diana Baumrind Parenting Styles You Need to Know

Authoritative parenting style

The next Diana Baumrind parenting styles that you need to know is authoritative parenting style. This kind of parenting style is looser than the authoritarian parenting style. The parents will provide their kids with clear boundaries as well as guidance, but they will also give them more freedom to make decisions on their own, and most importantly they will let their kids learn from their mistakes.

Permissive parenting style

The third parenting style introduced by Diana Baumrind is permissive parenting style. This style will allow the parents to give their kids very little and have more of a peer relationship than a conventional parents-children dynamic. This kind of parents generally will be super-responsive to their kids’ needs and they also easily succumb to their children’s wants.

Neglected parenting style

This parenting style was added by Eleanor Maccoby and John Martin. This kind of parenting style can be seen from how parents don’t interact much with their children. They also didn’t put limitations on their behavior and the obvious sign is they fail to meet their children’s needs.

That is the four types of parenting style that is incorporated by Diana Baumrind and two other researchers. Many parents out there, whether they realized it or not, are using Diana Baumrind parenting , and if you want to know another parenting style, you can also learn about indiana parenting time

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