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All Things You Need to Know About Permissive Parenting Style

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There are many types of parenting styles that you can adopt to parent your kids. For example, you can choose to apply permissive parenting style, authoritative parenting style, or even authoritarian parenting style. You can choose the one that suits you best, or if you need more reference you can learn about indiana parenting time guideline. If you are a laid-back parent that doesn’t like to set strict and stiff rules for your kids, then you should opt to choose a permissive parenting style.

What is exactly permissive parenting style

It is safe to say that permissive parenting style is the most relaxed of parenting styles compared to any other types of parenting style. Generally, permissive parents will act more like the kids’ friend rather than taking a leadership role in the household. In this case, parents will be super-responsive to their kids’ needs and wants, but they don’t want to set strict rules or do anything that will make their kids uncomfortable.All Things You Need to Know About Permissive Parenting Style

So, it can be concluded that the parents who adopt this kind of parenting style don’t know how to set a limit. They just let their kids do whatever they want as long as they are content with themselves. They really don’t want to set something unpopular with their kids.

What permissive parenting looks like?

To put it simply, you can portray Dudley Dursley from Harry Potter as the picture perfect of permissive parenting style. In the movie, he is pictured as a child who demands whatever he wants and his parents will give it in a heartbeat. Because if his parents didn’t give what he wanted he would throw tantrums till he gets what he wants. Well, it is actually not a good thing to do because you shouldn’t let your little kid have the upper hand in the household.

Effects of permissive parenting

Even though there are a lot of people who adopt permissive parenting style, it can be denied that there are also bad effects for the kids. This kind of parenting style tends to lend itself in two outcomes, you will end up with kids that are entitled or overly anxious because there is no one who will lead the ship. In the worst-case scenario kids that no know nothing about consequences, boundaries, realistic expectations or any kind of structure or protocol for acceptable behavior, they tend to:

  • Growing up with bas emotion regulation
  • Become rebellious and vicious when they don’t get what they want
  • Can’t overcome the difficulties when they have to face challenging tasks
  • Often engage in antisocial behavior such as doing drugs, drinking alcohol, vandalizing, shoplifting, committing thievery, and even joining gangs

All in all, the permissive parenting style is one of the most laid-back parenting styles out there. Through this parenting style, parents will give their kids freedom to do what they want without even setting a proper limit for them. Without a doubt this permissive parenting style could make the kids really enjoy themselves, but in the long run this kind of parenting style could also be damaging for them. So, do you agree with this permissive parenting style?

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